Projects ยป Residential

Sandycroft Residencies ( 8 Level at Layards Road, Colombo 5 )

Tri Service Personnal Housing Project, Ipalogama, Anuradhapura (1650 Houses)

Master Plan and Design of individual houses and other facility buildings such as Pre-School, Shopping Complex, Gymnasium, Bank etc. Built by the Ministry of Defense in cooperation with the Bank of Ceylon, is a housing scheme for military families, the project consist of 1620 housing units.

The theme of the project was to build community through emphasis on architecture, a highly efficient road network along with green alleys among the houses, the housing scheme is provided with necessary infrastructure facility to promote social sustenance in the scheme. Special emphasis was given to thermal comfort in the setting, through the zoning of activities and landscaping. Thermal studies in this regard was conducted by the University of Moratuwa, this enabled the design team to come up with the most suitable layout for the scheme.

The architecture is rather a mix of modern techniques and contemporary methods, to create energy efficient structures with increase lighting and ventilation. The use of local materials further promotes sustainable development.

Master Plan & Urban Design of 230 Housing Units at Malambe

Proposed Mixed & Residential ( 1400 ) Housing Development at Ratmalana

Proposed site for condominium residential development at Rthmalana is facing the Galle road and boarding with two other main roads; Borupana road and Kandawala roads. Proposed development is ideal since the immediate context is developing into a mix development zone with high demand for residential facilities within this locality .
The near-by Rathmalana airport also creates a major impact on this development because heights are governed by their regulations where heights of buildings are limited to 1:7 ratio. The blocks are designed with varying heights in order to maximize the number of units. Galle road frontage also provides an opportunity for a commercial facility whereas the deeper area of the site is utilized for condominium housing with many communal facilities.

The complex comprises of three different types of blocks, viz. 1, 2 & 3. Each Block house maximum of 7 to 8 housing units per floor (refer detailed breakdown of facilities) with seven type designs which give in total 1,424 units within the complex. The Type designs vary from 37 to 155 sq.m of floor space for housing units. All units are provided with parking facilities at ground level in a landscaped area.

The design approach was to create ‘dynamic’ built forms indulging in lush greenery in highly dense urban context. To accommodate this aspect the built forms are ‘textured’ in both vertical as well as horizontal directions. The verticality; heights are predominantly governed by the height restrictions imposed on site, but this aspect is used positively to create a texture and variety in the skyline. Also units which are projecting out at different levels break the monotony of tall structures. All the blocks are designed with a ‘pedestal’ by incorporating larger footprint/ area from rest of the floors and this grant stability and a majestic appearance. Architecturally it is designed to ensure a well secured, friendly, relaxing and convenient environment for all.

Landscape is done in a way that winding roads, open spaces among buildings, kids play areas, playground, amphitheatre and vistas creating an interesting ambiance at lower levels.

The main commercial block facing the Galle road hoses rentable spaces for retails shops, convenient stores etc., also with provision for a club house for the community facilities. A swimming pool and an open terrace at top most level of one of commercial blocks, with a fully fledged gymnasium, restaurant, and an indoor sports facility provides the much needed recreational space for the occupants as well as visitors.

Proposed Mixed & Residential Development at Union Place, Colombo

House in Kandy